Hal-cash finder (Android)

By Guillermo Guerrero | November 29, 2014

Hal-cash finder searches terminal banks compatibles with Hal-cash method using Hal-cash API and render in Google Maps. This application is a hello world using Google Maps.


Hal-cash finder is an application that searches terminal banks compatibles with Hal-cash method nearest your position.

With this application, you can do: - With your position: the application searches terminal banks automatically nearest your position. - With an address: you can put an address and the application finds terminal banks nearest. - With finger: you can hold down the map and the application searches nearest terminal banks.


## Images

Main screen:

Lateral menu:

Searching ATMs:

Searching ATMs:

ATMs options:

Auto complete search box:



This application uses libraries and implements different design patterns, for example:

  • Robospice: This library implements asynchronous network request. Parses the JSON response to java classes.

  • Design patterns: Observer and Singleton

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