Manuncios opensource (Android)

By Guillermo Guerrero | November 25, 2014

Manuncios is a native android application that finds offers in web page. This application is my first Android application and it’s a Helloworld.


In the application, you can do:

  • Search: you can search offers with different criteria as title, price or location.
  • Order: the offers can order by price or age.
  • Show: click in the offer to see more in detail.
  • Contact: if you are interested in the offer you can contact with the seller.

In you can find different kind of objects, for example: new products o used in different categories like home, hobby and sports, electronic, etc.



Splash intro:

Main Screen:

Lateral menu:

Listing by category offers:

Sorting options:

Advanced searcher:

Offer detail:

## Remarks

Compatible with android >= API 10 (2.3.3). This application uses libraries and implements different design patterns, for example: - Jsoup: Java library to parse html code. - Design patterns Observer and Singleton

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